KBDfans’ KBD67 Lite Pre-Orders Open 27 November for $109
November 22, 2020 Andrew Cheng

Initially announced back in August, KBDfans finally revealed more information on its latest budget-friendly custom mechanical keyboard, the KBD67 Lite. As promised, the keyboard kit will be available for pre-order next week on 27 November in conjunction with Black Friday.

However, KBDfans made a number of changes to the KBD67 Lite. Curiously, the price has been increased to $109 (about RM445) from $99 (approximately RM405), though a keyboard case is now bundled with the keyboard kit. Aside from that, the plate is no longer aluminium either; it’s been swapped for a polycarbonate plate instead.

KBDfans did not elaborate exactly why it made these changes, but the vendor did mention production will be faster for polycarbonate plates than aluminium. On top of that, KBDfans also said that if less than 1,000 pre-orders are made for the KBD67 Lite, it will only take a month to deliver the keyboard kit to buyers – that’s pretty darn quick.

Delivery time aside, other specifications of the KBD67 Lite remain the same. It’s still a gasket-mounted 65% keyboard with a “mute silicone” in between the plate and PCB, option for solderable or hotswap PCB with support for VIA and QMK – with what appears to be south-facing LEDs for best compatibility with various keycap profiles – an ABS case, and Cherry screw-in stabilisers.

It would’ve been great if KBDfans retained the KBD67 Lite’s original retail price, but for $109 – which is, again, about RM445 – it’s still a keyboard kit that offers great value for money. If you’re planning to pre-order it next week on 27 November at 8AM (Malaysian time) right here, do note that you need switches and a keycap set to complete the build.