Rama Works’ Kara Finally Available for Pre-Order – 60% Keyboard With MUTE Mounting for $160
November 12, 2020 Andrew Cheng

Rama Works is renowned in the custom mechanical keyboard scene for its range of high-end, premium keyboards. Of course, these products don’t come cheap, which is why the company’s latest keyboard, the Rama Works Kara, is very exciting. Not only is it Rama’s most affordable keyboard to date, it’s also quite unique-looking.

Of course, retailing at $160 (about RM660) it’s not exactly a super budget-friendly custom mechanical keyboard. But for that kind of money, you’re getting a lot of neat features. These include Rama’s own MUTE mounting system, which is “engineered for a responsive typing feedback experience and dampened sound signature.”

Aside from that, the Kara also has an ABS housing with a PC plate. While the ABS case wouldn’t feel quite as premium as aluminium, it does bring down the price of the keyboard. Plus, Rama added that ABS was chosen for its flexible properties and minimal warping, which allows for a better assembly experience by “providing an allowance for comfortable interlocking of parts,” as Rama puts it.

As for the plate material, Rama added that the PC plate is meant to complement the MUTE mounting system with its rigidity. This, in turn, provides a “dynamic yet stable typing experience.” Of course, if you prefer an aluminium plate instead, it’s offered as an add-on, though the Kara will still ship with the PC plate.

Another neat feature of the Kara has to be its hotswap PCB. This lets users easily swap out switches without the need to solder them, making it a very beginner-friendly custom keyboard. Naturally, the PCB can be configured with VIA and QMK as well, along with support for per-key RGB.

Do note that since the Kara is a keyboard kit, it doesn’t include three major components for a complete build. These include switches, keycaps, and stabilisers. You can either buy these parts separately or opt for Rama’s Starter Kit for the Kara.

The Rama Works Kara is now available for pre-order right here until 31 December. It’s expected to start shipping sometime in Q1 2021, which is quite a short waiting period for the company. After all, Rama’s other keyboards usually take much longer to ship, up to a year even.

If you want something even more affordable, consider KBDfans’ upcoming KBD67 Lite; it’s a gasket-mounted 65% keyboard – also with an ABS case and hotswap PCB – for only $99 (about RM410). Alternatively, there’s also the Glorious GMMK Pro for those who want a 75% custom keyboard instead.