Proton Launches Its Own Website for Pre-Owned Cars; Aims to Boost Resale Value of Proton Models
November 12, 2020 Andrew Cheng

Proton just launched its used car website, which offers a range of Proton Certified Pre-Owned (PCPO) vehicles, as well as cars from other brands that available at 36 dealers nationwide. On top of that, the PCPO website also allows customers to quickly trade-in their existing cars.

Of course, cars sold on the PCPO website are checked thoroughly; each of them underwent a comprehensive 201-point inspection. On top of that, they are also given a new battery, fresh engine oil, and the oil filter is replaced too. To sweeten the deal, PCPO cars get an extended one-year warranty for the engine and transmission too, as well as one free service that’s redeemable up to six months from the date of registration.

Besides that, PCPO cars are also required to meet a number of criteria. Not only do they have to be less than seven years old, their mileage has to be less than 130,000km at the time of trade-in. Naturally, only vehicles that have no flood or major accident damage are accepted as PCPO cars, as these may affect their structural integrity.

As mentioned, cars from other brands are also offered on the PCPO website, though these vehicles won’t come with extended warranty from Proton. Of course, they are still thoroughly inspected and repaired if necessary before they are put up for sale.

According to the CEO of Proton Edar, Roslan Abdullah, the aim of PCPO “is to help stabilise and gradually build the residual value of Proton vehicles.” “By offering high quality used cars, we hope to see a general lifting of prices for all our models, making it easier for customers to obtain competitive financing rates and raising trade-in values when they want to buy a new car,” he added.

If you’d like to check out these PCPO cars, head on to the website right here. You can also trade-in your current car on the website.