Apple Sets “One More Thing” Event for 11 November; Apple Silicon-Powered MacBooks Expected
November 3, 2020 Andrew Cheng

Even after announcing the iPhone 12 series, Apple isn’t quite done yet for the year. The Cupertino company just sent out invitations for another launch event next week on 11 November, and chances are, we’ll see the introduction of new MacBook laptops powered by Apple’s own processors then.

As with all of Apple’s teasers for its launches, the “One More Thing” event invite is a simple one with the company’s logo surrounded by rays of light of different colours. While this is vague, the AR teaser is a look more…illuminating, if you will. It seems to mimic the opening and closing of a laptop.

Apple initially shared its plan to switch from Intel’s chips to its own processors for the MacBook back at WWDC 2020 in June. The company promises that its family of SoCs made for Macs will offer “industry-leading performance per watt and higher performance GPUs,” which certainly sound promising.

On top of that, switching to Apple Silicon chips for the MacBook will also allow apps made for iOS and iPadOS to run on the new platform without a hitch. According to the company, no modifications are necessary at all to make this possible.

Of course, it remains to be seen just how these new Apple Silicon-powered MacBooks will fare against their Intel counterpart, especially when it comes to compatibility with current macOS programs. We’ll find out more next week on 11 November at 2AM Malaysian time.