Apple Sets “Time Flies” 15 September Event; New Apple Watch Likely
September 9, 2020 Andrew Cheng

Apple has finally revealed the date for its next major launch event. Set to take place next week on 15 September, the “Time Flies” event will likely see the introduction of a new Apple Watch, among other things. If you’re hoping the Cupertino company will also unveil new iPhones at the event, don’t hold your breath.

While September is typically when the latest iPhones debut, it’s unlikely to happen this year. After all, in the company’s latest earnings call, it’s been confirmed that the new iPhones will not be shipping this month. The new phones should only arrive sometime in October next month.

Anyway, looking back at the teaser for the Time Flies event, it’s evident Apple is foreshadowing the introduction of a new Apple Watch. Naturally, not much details have been revealed yet, but rumours are suggesting that the upcoming Series 6 will add on the ability to monitor blood oxygen, better sleep tracking, and of course, a faster processor.

On top of that, Apple could also be launching a new Apple Watch to replace the Series 3, which is still being sold by the company as a more affordable alternative to the Series 5. Beyond its wearable business, Apple could show off a new iPad as well at next week’s event.

Apple’s Time Flies event will happen next week on 15 September. For us here in Malaysia, the event will go live on 16 September at 1AM right here.