Apple Sets 10 September Special Event; iPhone 11 Expected
August 30, 2019 Andrew Cheng

Apple just released a teaser for a “special event” next month on 10 September. It’s a simple teaser, with the words “by innovation only” written below a colourful Apple logo. While this doesn’t tell us much, a September Apple event usually mean one thing: new iPhones.

Every year, Apple introduces its new smartphones in September, so it is very likely the Cupertino company will unveil the iPhone 11 at the upcoming event. According to rumours, at least three new iPhones will be announced, which will succeed the current iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

If rumours are to be believed, two of the new iPhones will be Apple’s first smartphones to feature triple camera systems. Up until now, iPhones only had up to two camera sensors: one primary shooter, and a telephoto lens. Chances are, the new triple camera configuration will add a wide angle sensor.

Besides that, the upcoming iPhones will follow last year’s lineup when it comes to display technology. Two of them will potentially feature OLED screens, while the other one will supposedly come with an LCD display; just like how it was with the iPhone XR.

Interestingly, Apple may introduce two-way wireless charging with the iPhone 11 series. Basically, on top of the support for wireless charging, the phone itself can act as a wireless charger. While it’s not a new feature – both Huawei and Samsung already did this – it’s a nice feature to have.

Other new features the new iPhones are rumoured to come with include a better face ID system, improved battery life, and of course, faster performance. More likely than not, the iPhone 11 will be powered by Apple’s yet to be announced A13 chip. No details of the processor have been leaked yet, but it should offer noticeable performance gain.

Apple events rarely revolve around only one segment of products, so we can expect to see other notable announcements or updates at the launch event. After all, last year’s Apple event saw the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 4. Perhaps the company will introduce some form of update to the Apple Watch?

The Apple special event will take place on 10 September at 10AM Pacific Time. If you want to catch the livestream to see for yourself the new iPhone 11, just log on to Apple’s website on 11 September at 1AM Malaysian time.