TM Launches Unifi Air & Unifi Lite Plans – Streamyx Users Migrating to Unifi Lite for RM69 Per Month
August 6, 2019 Andrew Cheng

Telekom Malaysia (TM) has a number of news to share today. Not only is it unveiling the new Unifi Air wireless broadband service, the company also has good news for existing Streamyx users. Those who are on Streamyx will be automatically migrated to the new Unifi Lite plan from 1 September onwards.

On top of that, these existing Streamyx users will only need to pay RM69 per month for Unifi Lite, even if they’re paying more than that amount with their current Streamyx plan. What if you’re paying less than RM69? Well, you can actually keep paying that amount. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Despite the migration to a different plan, Unifi Lite is still based on TM’s copper infrastructure, so you won’t be getting the speed of fibre optic connectivity. That being said, TM did say that users on Unifi Life can get speeds up to 8Mbps (with unlimited data, of course) where applicable – emphasis on the last part.

If you’re wondering, no, there is no additional contract with the new Unifi Lite plan for existing Streamyx users. On top of that, the migration will be done automatically come 1 September. Those who are eligible for the migration won’t have to do anything to be on Unifi Lite.

TM further elaborated that Unifi Lite is simply an interim solution pending the expansion of its fibre optic infrastructure. In that sense, this is not a permanent solution. It’s possible the company would introduce better plans in the future, though this is merely an educated guess at this point in time.

Interestingly, you can sign up for the Unifi Lite plan right now if you wish to do so. If you sign up before 31 August, you’ll get to enjoy the RM69 rate from 1 October onwards. But if you sign up after 1 September, you’ll have to pay RM89 per month instead of only RM69. Clearly, this new plan is meant to benefit existing Streamyx users the most.

And then we have TM’s new wireless broadband plan, Unifi Air. If your area is not under Unifi coverage, or if you’re an existing Streamyx user that wants a faster connection, this is the perfect option. The plan offers speeds up to 20Mbps, and there is no data cap either.

However, if you want to sign up for Unifi Air, do note that you’ll be tied to a 24-month contract. On the bright side, no upfront payment is necessary, and the LTE device – complete with a SIM card – will be given for free. With that in mind, you would only have to pay the monthly fee when you sign up for Unifi Air.

The introduction of Unifi Lite and Unifi Air are really meant to address consumers’ complaints with Streamyx, and they may be good enough as a stopgap measure until TM can further expand its fibre optic infrastructure. If you’ve got any questions regarding the migration of Streamyx users to Unifi Lite, click here.