Vaio SX12 – A Small, Compact Laptop with a Plethora of Ports
July 9, 2019 Andrew Cheng

When you think of small, compact laptops, chances are you won’t expect these laptops to come with a lot of ports. Well, that doesn’t apply to the Vaio SX12, which has just been released in Japan. In fact, it has practically all the ports you need from of a laptop.

To top it off, the SX12 is a really compact and light productivity laptop. Not only is it smaller than an A4 paper, it tips the scales at only 897g. If your interest is piqued, here’s what you need to know about Vaio’s latest laptop.

First, let’s talk about the many, many ports of the SX12. It has three USB-A connections, one USB-C port, an HDMI output, a LAN connection, an SD card slot, and even a VGA port. Mind you, this is a 12.5-inch laptop – the amount of ports on a laptop this small is very impressive.

Speaking of which, the SX12 has a 12.5-inch 1920 x 1080 display with a matte finish surrounded by relatively thin bezels. Even though the top bezel is on the thicker side of things – that’s where the WiFi and LTE antenna are placed – there’s barely any chin at the bottom of the display, giving it a modern-looking design.

Powering the SX12 is Intel’s eight generation Core i5 or Core i7 processor, which is paired with up to 16GB of RAM. For its intended usage (productivity tasks), this choice of processor and RAM capacity should be more than enough.

Not surprisingly, the SX12 does not have any dedicated GPU, settling instead for Intel’s integrated UHD Graphics 620. Storage option for this laptop, on the other hand, is very generous. Depending on which model you get, you can get from 128GB of SSD storage up to 1TB of fast PCIe NVMe SSD solution.

Despite its compact form factor, the SX12 supposedly have a “full-size keyboard,” as Vaio puts it. The company further elaborated that you won’t feel cramped typing on this laptop, and that this is a “quiet keyboard.” Both of these are touted as unique features for Vaio laptops.

Considering just how important the keyboard is for productivity-focused laptops, this is certainly a good selling point for the SX12. As for the trackpad, it’s said to be a high-precision unit with smooth surface. There are also two dedicated buttons at the bottom of the trackpad.

The Vaio SX12 is currently only available in Japan, and it’s priced between 119,800 Japanese yen (about RM4,555) to 216,800 yen (approximately RM8,245). Needless to say, it’s a costly product, but it’s not far-off from the asking prices of other equally premium productivity laptops.

At the moment, it remains to be seen if the SX12 will be sold outside of Japan, but it’s worth noting that Vaio has a presence here in Malaysia. Hopefully, the SX12 will make its way onto our shores.