Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Passes Through SIRIM; Malaysian Launch Imminent?
July 9, 2019 Andrew Cheng

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was launched in China last month, and it seems like the company’s latest wearable will be coming to Malaysia very soon. Before electronics can be sold here officially, they have to be registered with SIRIM first, and the Mi Band 4 just appeared in the certification body’s database.

Registered under the model number XMSH07HM, this is the non-NFC variant of the Mi Band 4. Chances are, the Malaysian market won’t receive the NFC model. While some of you may be disappointed at this, don’t be: the non-NFC variant is more affordable.

In China, the Mi Band 4 without NFC functionality retails at 169 yuan (about RM100), while the NFC model is priced at 229 yuan (around RM135). With this in mind, there’s a good chance the wearable will be priced below RM150 in Malaysia.

After all, you can actually get your hands on a global version of the Mi Band 4 in our market right now. It’s offered by Xiaomi’s official global store on Shopee, and it is listed at only RM129. On top of that, it even comes with official after-sales service in Malaysia.

So why should you care if the Mi Band 4 is coming to Malaysia officially or not? Well, for one, you won’t have to wait for the wearable to be shipped to you from overseas, which will take some time. Plus, we still don’t know how much Xiaomi Malaysia will price the Mi Band 4 – it could cost lower than the price listed by Xiaomi’s global store.

Compared to its predecessor, the biggest difference the Mi Band 4 brings is a new colour display. It now comes with a 0.95-inch 240 x 120 AMOLED screen, which is bigger, sharper, and brighter than the OLED display of the Mi Band 3.

Despite the larger display, the Mi Band 4 can still return up to 20 days of battery life. On top of that, thanks to the new colour screen, it’s possible to change the Mi Band 4’s watchfaces now, making it that much more customisable.

Without a doubt the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the best iteration of the wearable yet. Now that it’s been registered with SIRIM, there’s a good chance it will be made available here very soon – perhaps it will be launched alongside the Redmi 7A, or even with the Avengers version of the Mi Band 4.