Realme 3 Pro with Snapdragon 710 Now in Malaysia from RM899
May 14, 2019 Andrew Cheng

Last year, I reviewed the Realme 2 Pro, and it proved to be a really good mid-range smartphone. Today, Realme just launched the successor to the device. Aptly dubbed Realme 3 Pro, it is better in almost every way.

Sporting a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset, a large battery capacity, and competitive price tags, those who are looking to get an affordable mid-range smartphone should definitely give the Realme 3 Pro a consideration – let’s see what Realme’s latest mid-ranger has to offer.

First off, specifications. The Realme 3 Pro has a 6.3-inch 1080p IPS display, a Snapdragon 710 chipset paired with up to 6GB of RAM, either 64GB or 128GB of expandable storage, and a generous 4,045mAh battery. On top of that, it also has a 16MP f/1.7 + 5MP f/2.4 dual camera system and a 25MP f/2.0 front-facing shooter.

These are respectable hardware for a mid-range smartphone, but what makes the Realme 3 Pro such a compelling device is its sheer value for money. The base model with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM goes for RM899, while the 128GB variant with 6GB of RAM retails at RM1,099.

Considering the hardware you’re getting for that kind of money, the Realme 3 Pro offers exceptional value for money. After all, there are no other Snapdragon 710 devices in this price range, and it’s more powerful (on paper) than its closest rival: the Redmi Note 7.

Design wise, the Realme 3 Pro is mostly made out of plastic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Use of plastic is totally fine for smartphones in this price range, and most importantly, it doesn’t feel cheap. The back panel is nice to the touch, and the matte finish frame makes it a comfortable device to hold.

Aesthetically, the Realme 3 Pro is quite a looker too. Yes, there’s a notch at the top of the display, but at least it’s not a wide one. Besides, the bottom bezel is quite minimal, giving the phone a sleek, modern look. I also love the gradient design of the back panel.

As for the 6.3-inch 1080p IPS display, it looks reasonably good for a mid-range smartphone. There are no noticeable issues with the screen quality, viewing angles are good, and the colours are punchy too. Plus, the 1080p resolution would help with battery life too.

And when it comes to battery life, I reckon it will be one of the Realme 3 Pro’s main appeals. Featuring a large 4,045mAh battery, I’m confident this phone can deliver – at the very least – a day’s worth of battery life. On top of that, it also supports VOOC 3.0 fast charging, which is said to be able to charge up the phone to 50% from empty in 30 minutes.

In the performance department, the Realme 3 Pro’s Snapdragon 710 chipset should be able to deliver very good performance level. Most smartphones in this price range only offer Snapdragon 6 series SoCs, so the Realme 3 Pro definitely have the upper hand in this area.

Granted, I haven’t been able to put this phone through its paces yet, but it seems very capable from the brief time I’ve spent with it. It feels fast, responsive, and I didn’t notice any serious stutter or lag. Powered by an Adreno 616 GPU, the Realme 3 Pro should also be powerful enough to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

When I reviewed the Realme 2 Pro last year, its camera performance leaves much to be desired. Needless to say, I was excited to see if the Realme 3 Pro could change this, and it’s actually…quite promising. The 16MP + 5MP dual camera system can take good, properly exposed daylight pictures, and it can lock in focus pretty quickly too.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any low light pictures with the Realme 3 Pro, but the company claims that the camera’s “Super Nightscape” mode allows the phone to capture good-looking shots even in less than ideal lighting. Without a doubt I’ll put this feature to the test in a full review of the Realme 3 Pro.

In the crowded mid-range segment, the Realme 3 Pro stands out by offering a high level of processing power at a competitive price tag. Its improved camera performance is also great to see, not to mention the bigger battery capacity and sleeker, more updated design.

If you want the fastest mid-range smartphone for the least amount of money, the Realme 3 Pro offers just that – on paper, at least. Until I have the opportunity to test the phone thoroughly in a full review, I can’t say for sure yet if it is the mid-range smartphone to get.

The Realme 3 Pro will be available for purchase in Malaysia from Lazada on 15 May. If you want to get it from a physical store instead, you can do so from 18 May onwards.