Deal: Grab the PlayStation 4 for Only RM945 – Pro Model for RM1,377
February 11, 2019 Andrew Cheng

If you have been eyeing to get yourself a PlayStation 4 console, these deals we stumbled upon may interest you. Right now, you can get a brand new PlayStation 4 – with a two-year warranty to boot – for only RM945.

Considering the fact that the standard PlayStation 4 with 500GB of storage used to retail at well above the RM1,000 mark, this is a very good deal. On top of that, this promotional price is also offered by a LazMall retailer on Lazada. Rest assured, it is very legitimate.

If you want the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro model with 1TB of storage instead, you can grab it for only RM1,377 now instead of its original asking price of RM1,799. Much like the standard model, this Pro variant is also offered by the same retailer on Lazada with a two-year warranty.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 system is considered to be one of the best home consoles in the market now. Not only can the Pro model game at 4K resolution, the system also has a very robust lineup of exclusive games you can’t find anywhere else. These include titles like the Uncharted series, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as Days Gone, which is set to be released on 26 April 2019.

If you want to enjoy this deal, click on the respective links to get the standard PlayStation 4 for RM945, and the PlayStation 4 Pro for RM1,377.