Armaggeddon Falcon III Mouse & MKA-11R Keyboard Quick Review: Affordable RGB Gears
November 7, 2018 Andrew Cheng

Shopping for a new mouse or keyboard can be a daunting task. Not only are there a ton of choices from various manufacturers, it can be hard to justify paying through the roof for certain products. Well, if you happen to be looking for affordable gears for your new PC, consider Armaggeddon’s Falcon III gaming mouse and MKA-11R mechanical gaming keyboard.

Not only are these peripherals budget-friendly, they also come with RGB lighting – a feature normally reserved for gears well above the asking prices of these two products. Nonetheless, let’s see if the Falcon III and MKA-11R are worth the money.

What It Is

Let’s start with the Falcon III gaming mouse. It features an Avago 3325 laser sensor, “double injection” rubber sides, Japanese Omron switches, and of course, RGB lighting, which is pretty bright. On top of that, the mouse’s cable is also braided, giving it extra durability.

The MKA-11R mechanical gaming keyboard, on the other hand, comes with Outemu Blue switches – with a quoted lifespan of over 50 million clicks – high quality “KevlarTech” keycaps, and much like the Falcon III, RGB lighting.

What’s particularly unique about the MKA-11R is the fact that its Outemu switches are user-replaceable. Using the provided metal caliper, the switches can be pulled out rather easily. If you need to replace any of the keyboard’s switches, three extra switches are bundled with the keyboard.

The Good Stuff

Considering the affordable price tag of the Falcon III mouse, I’m pleasantly surprised with its performance. I had absolutely no issue gaming with the mouse, it can track my movements accurately, and it has a comfortable design. I especially love the rubber sides of the Falcon III – it feels great, and it improves grip.

As for the MKA-11R keyboard, it’s what you’d expect from a mechanical keyboard. The clicky and tactile nature of the Outemu Blue switches make for a satisfying typing experience, though this really depends on your preference. Aside from that, the various lighting effects are fun to play with too.

Personally, I dig the minimalist design of the MKA-11R. It doesn’t have an over-the-top aesthetic, and the small frame reduces the dimensions of the keyboard as much as possible.

The Bad Stuff

No peripherals are perfect, and the Falcon III has a couple of downsides. Despite its ambidextrous shape, the two thumb buttons are only on the left side of the mouse – left-handed folks won’t be able to take advantage of them. The Falcon III’s mouse wheel could’ve been better too. It works as intended, of course, but it doesn’t feel…particularly solid.

That being said, I do like the mouse’s Omron switches. They’re satisfying to click, and they don’t feel cheap either.

What about the MKA-11R keyboard? Loud. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I first typed on it. This is likely the inherent nature of Outemu Blue switches; they’re definitely louder than, say, Cherry MX Blue switches.

Another thing I don’t particularly like about the MKA-11R is its build quality. As far as I can tell, it’s made completely out of plastic, and typing on it feels…well, hollow. But to be fair, a solid typing experience is usually a characteristic of more costly mechanical keyboards, which the MKA-11R isn’t.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re in the market for a mouse and keyboard that offer value for money with RGB lighting, then yes, the Armaggeddon Falcon III mouse and MKA-11R keyboard are worth the money. In Malaysia, the Falcon III retails at only RM99, while the MKA-11R goes for RM149.

For that kind of money, not many mouse and keyboard can offer these two peripherals’ feature set and RGB lighting. The Falcon III and MKA-11R are not as refined or premium as peripherals from more established brands, but hey – they’re affordable.