The Case for & Against: Gaming Chairs
September 25, 2018 Andrew Cheng

Spending money on furniture isn’t something we always do, and this is definitely the case for one type of furniture: gaming chairs. The common argument against gaming chairs is the fact that they’re very costly – it’s hard to justify spending upwards of RM1,000 for a mere chair.

However, there are legitimately good reasons to get a gaming chair, especially for those who spend long hours sitting down. Here are some pros and cons of gaming chairs.

The Case Against

If there’s one thing stopping anyone from getting a gaming chair, it’s the cost. Typically, gaming chairs can go anywhere between RM500 to a whopping RM2,000. Depending on which brand you go for, the more expensive ones aren’t necessarily the best either, which makes it even more difficult to justify investing so much money into a gaming chair.

Aside from cost, most gaming chairs…have very flashy designs. After all, they’re not called gaming chairs without a reason. This, in turn, makes it somewhat difficult to place a gaming chair in a professional office setting. What’s the use of a gaming chair – no matter how comfortable it is – if you can’t even use it in your office? Granted, this still depends on your work environment, but it does limit the appeal of gaming chairs.

Beyond these two factors, there’s also the fact that some gaming chairs are no better than good ol’ office chairs. This is especially true of more affordable gaming chairs. For the kind of money these chairs command, you can get a decent office chair (or two). Why spend more on gaming chairs if you can get a regular one that’s just as comfortable?

For most consumers, an office chair will do the job just fine. There are a lot of choices to choose from, and the wide price range makes it easy to get one that fits your budget. But say you don’t mind spending on a gaming chair – is it worth the investment? Let’s take a look at the other side of the coin.

The Case for

What’s the number one reason to get a gaming chair? Comfort. Depending on the size, height, and weight of individual users, the right gaming chair can deliver extremely good comfort level. Off the top of my head, Secretlab’s range of gaming chairs is a good example of this.

Take the company’s most “affordable” product, the Secretlab Throne 2018. Retailing at S$399 (about RM1,240), the Throne is more suitable for individuals between 145 to 165cm tall. Moving up the range is the S$469 (approximately RM1,460) Secretlab Omega 2018, which is made for those who are between 160 to 180cm tall.

At the top of the range sits the Secretlab Titan. If your height is between 175 to 200cm, this S$549 (around RM1,700) gaming chair is the most ideal one for you. Secretlab’s sizing guide has all of these outlined.

So how does your height affect the comfort of a gaming chair? Well, at least in the case of Secretlab’s products, your height will determine how the different elements of the gaming chair will fit you. For example, your height will affect how low – or high – the neck pillow is positioned. On top of that, I also find the Throne’s lumbar pillow much more comfortable than the larger pillow of the Omega – I imagine larger individuals will prefer the Omega instead.

Personally, however, I highly recommend trying out any gaming chair you’re thinking of purchasing before you put down the money for it – that’s how you know it will fit you the way you like it.

If you notice, Secretlab’s chairs – besides the Throne – have pretty minimalist, understated designs too. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say they look perfectly suited to be in a meeting room, they certainly won’t look out of place in a regular workplace. If you’re not a fan of conventional gaming chairs’ more flamboyant designs, there are certainly other products in this category with more understated aesthetics.

That being said, gaming chairs are without a doubt more costly than your typical office chair. No matter how you look at it, this is an unavoidable aspect, and more “budget-friendly” gaming chairs may not be as comfortable as they appear to be.


Gaming chairs are a huge investment, but for certain folks, it’s worth the cost. If you spend most of your days sitting down, looking at a computer screen for hours on end, I will say gaming chairs are worth every single penny spent. Of course, there are certainly office chairs that can offer the same level of comfort, but it’s worth noting that they can be as expensive as gaming chairs too.